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Students Corner



Upgrading means giving a better room at the original rate - is one technique for resolving complaints.

Upgrades might be given to frequent guest program members, to VIPs , to business persons from companies with negotiated corporate rates, and even to guest as a reward for patiently queuing (i.e. being in wait-list).

Upgrades are also done if there are no rooms available at the rate reserved. In such cases a well-trained and motivated front desk clerk tries to up-sell the guest. More frequently, the guest is given the better room at the lower rate, but the upgrade is explained. If the differential is significant, the guest is moved the following day when the lower rate opens. (This is an e.g. of up selling)

Q. Is upgrading a part of UPSELLING? If yes, explain how:

Ans. Yes, Upgrading is a part of up selling. Upgrading can be done in two ways:

1. Suppose a guest has reserved for a STANDARD room and the reservation agent confirms that yes, the std. room is available for you and we confirm the booking. But, due to any reason (say if the air-conditioning of the room fails just before guest’s arrival) if the desired room is not available at the time of guest arrival then, the F.O.A. with the consent of the F.O. Manager upgrades the guest room and provides him/her with superior (DELUXE) rooms at the same rate.

Here, we have not done up selling but we have not lost our customer and in long run this act will benefit us with the guest being our repeat customer and would bring more customers through word of mouth advertisement.

2. If a guest has reserved a STANDARD room over telephone but when he arrives and checks-in, during that time if F.O. Agent is able to persuade/convince him/her for higher category of room (say deluxe room) with a rate better than the std room rate and lower than deluxe room rate (i.e. rate in between the two categories of rooms), thus resulting in UPSELLING through up gradation of room.


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